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Planet Commandline officially online //at 22:25 //by abe

from the Magrathea dept.

Around the first bunch of postings in my Useful but Unknown Unix Tools, Tobias Klauser of inotail and Symlink fame came up with the idea of making a Planet (i.e. a blog aggregator) of all the comandline blogs and blog categories out there.

A first Planet Venus running prototype based on the template and style sheets of Planet Symlink was quickly up and running.

I just couldn’t decide if I should use an amber or phosphor green style for this new planet. Marius Rieder finally had the right idea to solve this dilemma: Offer both, an amber and a phosphor green style. Christian Herzog pointed me to the right piece of code at A List Apart. So here is it, available in you favourite screen colors:

Planet Commandline

For a beginning, the following feeds are included:

Which leads us to the discussion what kind of feeds should be included in Planet Commandline.

Of course, all blogs or blog categories which (nearly) solely post neat tips and tricks about the command line in English are welcome.

Microblogging feeds containing (only) small but useful command line tips are welcome, too, if they neither permanently contain dozens of posts per day nor have a low signal-to-noise ratio. Unfortunately most groups do, so they’re not suitable for such a planet.

What I’m though unsure about are non-English feeds. Yes, there’s one in already, but I noticed this only after including Beat’s Chrütertee and his FreeBSD command line tips are really good. So if it doesn’t go overboard, I think it’s ok. If there are too many non-English feeds, I’ll probably split Planet Commandline off into at least three Planets: One with all feeds, one with English only and one with all non-English feeds or maybe even one feed per language. But for now that’s still a long way off.

Another thing I’m unsure about are more propgram specific blogs like the impressive Mastering Emacs blog “about mastering the world’s best text editor”. *g* (Yeah, I didn’t include that one yet. But as soon someone shows me the vi-equivalent of that blog, I’ll include both. Anyone thinks, spf13’s vim category is up to that?)

Oh, and sure, any shell-specific (zsh, tcsh, bash, mksh, busybox) tips & tricks blogs don’t count as program-specific blogs like some $EDITOR, $BROWSER, or $VCS specific blogs do. :-)

Of course I’m happy about further suggestions for feeds to include in Planet Commandline. Just remember that the feed should provide (at least nearly) exclusively command line tips, tricks or howtos. Suggestions for links to other commandline related planets are welcome, too.


Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: Alexander
Time: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 09:52

Probably it's a caching issue of my browsers, but the favicon looks like one from symlink :)


Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: Axel
Time: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 13:43

No, was a bug. Noticed it, too. Fixed by commenting out the favicon at all. A favicon will be back as soon as I have one.


Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: Axel
Time: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:29

Fixed. Planet Commandline now has its own favicon. GIMP rules. :-)

The used font is btw. M+ 1mn Bold from the ttf-mplus package.


Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: resumes
Time: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 22:15

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Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: Mics
Time: Sat, 07 Aug 2021 11:41

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Re: Planet Commandline officially online

Posted by: james
Time: Fri, 03 Sep 2021 17:01

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Posted by: Mina
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