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Emacs Macros: Repeat on Steroids //at 16:06 //by abe

from the .-for-Emacsen dept.

vi users have their . (dot) redo command for repeating the last command. The article Repeating Commands in Emacs in Mickey Petersen’s blog Mastering Emacs explained Emacs’ equivalent for that, namely the command repeat, by default bound to C-x z.

I though seldomly use it as I mostly have to repeat a chain of commands. What I use are so called Keyboard Macros.

For example for the CVE-2011-3192 vulnerability in Apache I added a line like Include /etc/apache2/sites-common/CVE-2011-3192.conf to all VirtualHosts.

So I started Emacs with all the relevant files: grep CVE-2011-3192 -l /etc/apache2/sites-available/*[^~] | xargs emacs &

To remove those “Include” lines again M-x flush-lines is probably the easiest way in Emacs. So for every file I had to call flush-lines with always the same parameter, save the buffer and then close the file or — in Emacsish — “kill” the buffer.

So while working on the first file I recorded my doing as a keyboard macro:

C-x (
Start recording
M-x flush-lines<Enter>CVE-2011-3192<Enter>
flush all lines which contain the string “CVE-2011-3192”
C-x C-s
save the current buffer
C-x C-k<Enter>
kill the current buffer, i.e. close the file
C-x )
Stop recording

Then I just had to call the saved macro with C-x e. It flushed all lines, saved the changes and switched to the next remaining file by closing the current file with three key-strokes. And to make it even easier, from the second occasion on I only had to press e to call the macro directly again. So I just pressed e for a bunch of time and had all files edited. (In this case I used git diff afterwards to check that I didn’t wreck anything by half-automating my editing. :-)

Of course there are other ways to do this, too, e.g. use sed or so, but I still think it’s a neat example for showing the power of keyboard macros in Emacs. More things you can do with Emacs Keyboard Macros are described in the EmacsWiki entry Keyboard Macros.

And if you still miss vi’s . command in Emacs, you can use the dot-mode, an Emacs mode currently maintained by Robert Wyrick which more or less automatically defines keyboard macros and lets you call them with C-..

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