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Fun facts from the UDD //at 23:20 //by abe

from the username=packagename dept.

After spotting an upload of mira, who in turn spotted an upload of abe (the package, not an upload by me aka abe@d.o), mira (mirabilos aka tg@d.o) noticed that there are Debian packages which have same name as some Debian Developers have as login name.

Of course I noticed a long time ago that there is a Debian package with my login name “abe”. Another well-known Debian login and former package name is amaya.

But since someone else came up with that thought, too, it was time for finding the definite answer to the question which are the DD login names which also exist as Debian package names.

My first try was based on the list of trusted GnuPG keys:

$ apt-cache policy $(gpg --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --list-keys 2>/dev/null | \
                     grep @debian.org | \
        	     awk -F'[<@]' '{print $2}' | \
                     sort -u) 2>/dev/null | \
                   egrep -o '^[^ :]*'

But this was not satisfying as my own name didn’t show up and gpg also threw quite a lot of block reading errors (which is also the reason for redirecting STDERR).

mira then had the idea of using the Ultimate Debian Database to answer this question more properly:

udd=> SELECT login, name FROM carnivore_login, carnivore_names
      WHERE carnivore_login.id=carnivore_names.id AND login IN
      (SELECT package AS login FROM packages, active_dds
       WHERE packages.package=active_dds.login UNION
       SELECT source AS name FROM sources, active_dds
       WHERE sources.source=active_dds.login)
      ORDER BY login;
 login |                 name
 abe   | Axel Beckert
 alex  | Alexander List
 alex  | Alexander M. List  4402020774 9332554
 and   | Andrea Veri
 ash   | Albert Huang
 bam   | Brian May
 ed    | Ed Boraas
 ed    | Ed G. Boraas [RSA Compatibility Key]
 ed    | Ed G. Boraas [RSA]
 eric  | Eric Dorland
 gq    | Alexander GQ Gerasiov
 iml   | Ian Maclaine-cross
 lunar | Jérémy Bobbio
 mako  | Benjamin Hill
 mako  | Benjamin Mako Hill
 mbr   | Markus Braun
 mlt   | Marcela Tiznado
 nas   | Neil A. Schemenauer
 nas   | Neil Schemenauer
 opal  | Ola Lundkvist
 opal  | Ola Lundqvist
 paco  | Francisco Moya
 paul  | Paul Slootman
 pino  | Pino Toscano
 pyro  | Brian Nelson
 stone | Fredrik Steen
(26 rows)

Interestingly “tor” (Tor Slettnes) is missing in this list, so it’s not complete either…

At least I’m quite sure that nobody maintains a package with his own login name as package name. :-)

We also have no packages ending in “-guest”, so there’s no chance that a package name matches an Alioth guest account either…

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