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Häppi Börsdaih, Schlabonskis Welt //at 00:36 //by abe

Aus der Boah-wir-werden-alt Abteilung

Dieter hat’s grade noch rechtzeitig einen Tag vorher gemerkt, daß er ja seit nunmehr 10 Jahren auch im Wörlt Weit Wäpp existiert.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! is back //at 00:11 //by abe

from the It's-always-good-to-have-DSL-in-the-holiday-cottage dept.

My primary e-mail domain was offline for one and a half week due to my (former) domain provider Korypet went bankrupt and probably hadn’t paid the registrar’s invoice for although I had paid Korypet’s invoice. (The domain wasn’t expired. Its expiration date was somewhen in 2009.)

Korypet itself just told its customers (and told it only on request) that they a) will shut down their business because it doesn’t pay off and that b) their service won’t be as good as usual since their head is currently in hospital. I should have noticed that there is something fishy and some details were missing at lastest when they told customers (also only on request) that they have to shut down some services earlier than announced because one of their providers has terminated their agreement with Korypet at short notice. I also should have expected that they couldn’t keep their promise to continue domains and DNS until May 2009 as they couldn’t keep other promised grace periods.

I’m quite sad about how Korypet went down and how bad blood they caused — not only for me — since they offered not only good services for money but also had really good (and personal) support. But I guess that this quality at very low prices was also one of the reasons why they couldn’t keep up their business for longer.

I had one of their UML based, low-end virtual “VD” servers for about six years, and used it as secondary DNS server and IRC client host. I also often thought about getting a second one at some other geographical location (they offered virtual servers in three German cities).

That was the reason why I started to move my domains to them a while ago. They even could fully answer me domain registration questions for which the eDNS and the Hetzner staff only had partial and therefore confusing answers.

Since it was the easiest way, I tried to transfer the domains I had registered with Korypet to the B2C division of their registrar Key Systems, to DomainDiscount24. The web interface isn’t as bad as the name “DomainDiscount24” suggests, but they seem to have communication problems if – as in this case – more than one of their business divisions are involved. It took at least two phone calls until they did the all the necessary things to get the domains transferred from Korypet’s business customer account to my newly created end customer account although they have a special form for former Korypet customers.

Domains I registered after Korypet stopped accepting new domains (well, they just didn’t answer on my domain registration requests anymore) I have registered via eDNS which was a recommendation form someone on the DaLUG mailing list.

My conclusion after these hassles: No more domain registration resellers, only directly interacting with registrars. Never register all domains at the same company. Have more than two DNS servers at different hosters. Don’t have domain registrations and DNS servers at the same company.

So I now register my domains either at DomainDiscount24 or at eDNS. And .ch domains of course directly at SWITCH. (If only all domain registrations would be so simple and uncomplicated as with SWITCH!) And my DNS servers are currently hosted at x|encon in Hannover (Yes, it’s a Xen DomU :-) and Hetzner in Erlangen. And a third one in Switzerland is already planned.

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