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The usual suspects //at 18:10 //by abe

from the I-didn't-really-want-to-know dept.

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Thanks to Elmar Heeb for the idea.


Plugins in the Blosxom Project CVS //at 00:34 //by abe

from the there's-life-in-the-old-dog-yet dept.

Since yesterday, my Blosxom plugins are versioned in the Blosxom Project CVS repository together with those of most other Blosxom developers.

Cause for this is, that — besides first steps towards Blosxom v4 (we better forget about v3… ;-) and intergrating existing patches (e.g. the Debian config file patch) to Blosxom v2 — the Blosxom developers want to release a Collection of common Blosxom Plugins as a Plugin distribution so that no one needs to gather the often needed plugins from various sites on the net but get them from first hand and also in some kind of a supported way. A first release candidate is on it’s way.

And for those who thought good ol’ blosxom is dead: There never was so much traffic on the blosxom developer’s list like in the past two months — over 160 mails each!

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Neue Kennzeichen //at 21:24 //by abe

Nachdem meine Ente bei der ersten Schweizer “TÜV”-Prüfung wegen falsch abgestempelten Zollformularen, einer Fahrgestellnummer zuviel am Häuschen, doch zwei kleinen Rostlöcher im Fußraum und einem Prüfer, der nicht glauben wollte, daß das Lenkrad der Ente ab Werk schrägsteht nicht so toll abschnitt, hat sie heute im zweiten Anlauf die MFK bestanden. Dementsprechend ist sie seit heute ihre deutschen Kennzeichen los und fährt stattdessen mit Zürcher Kennzeichen — noch provisorisch mit Gaffertape befestigt — durch die Gegend.


Nur das D-Kennzeichen sollte ich vielleicht bei Gelegenheit noch ersetzen…

Ein herzliches Dankeschön geht an die beiden Werkstätten Dorfgarage Tagelswangen (CH) und Autoklinik Rosenstock (D), die alle Sperenzchen des ersten Prüfers souverän mitmachten. :-)

Sperenzchen machte heute allerdings auch der CX auf dem Weg zum Spengler der Low-Tech-Garage: Dank kaputter Batterie und Schlechtwetter ist er (mal wieder) kurz vor der Escher-Wyss-Platz liegengeblieben und brauchte einen TCS um wieder in Schwung kommen.

Nett auch, was der TCS-Mensch als Fahrzeugtyp in sein Protokoll eintrug: “Citroën MAK Pallas”. Wußte gar nicht, daß der Maschinenbau Kiel Citroëns in Lizenz herstellte, dazu noch den Break in Pallas-Ausstattung, was es so bei Citroën selbst gar nicht gab. ;-)

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.org registration rules arbitrariness //at 01:25 //by abe

from the Passierschein-A38 dept.

For about nine years, my domain deuxchevaux.org was hosted (which means web, DNS and a catchall e-mail forward) by Internett at Saarbrücken. Although it was a sponsered hosting without much support I was quite happy with their service. But especially my ideas and demands regarding spam filtering grew out of the possibilities of a mass hosting solution. Since I run my own web, mail and name servers for a while now, it was no question that also deuxchevaux.org should become self-hosted.

Since I run a root-server at Hetzner and their “robot” also offers domain handling, I planned to transfer deuxchevaux.org to them. Therefore I first had to register my two DNS servers (sym.noone.org and virt.noone.org) with them. In the documentation there was a note that for .org domains, name servers in a .org domain have to be registered with the same registrar. And just a few hours after registering the name servers via their web interface I got a mail from Hetzner Support that the domain of my name servers are not registered with Hetzner and so I cannot use them form .org domains. Asking for the cause of this rule, I got the answer that this is a rule by Hetzner’s upstream registrar, Cronos AG.

Well, since I don’t understand such arbitrarily looking rules, I was looking around for another registrar with usable web interface. On the DaLUG mailing list, someone recommended eDNS. Since their single user account is free of setup and monthly fees, I signed up with them and started playing around with their web interface. When I tried to transfer deuxchevaux.org using the Auth-Code, I got the response that the transfer failed and when I clicked on “Details”, I got “$VAR1 = [];” as detailed information about the failure. Data::Dumper says hello. I wrote them and asked if they can tell me, what that should mean last Thursday and got no answer so far. I don’t think, I’ll register domains with them anymore.

So where to try it now? Someone recommended GoDaddy, but I neither like their website (way too much targeted on beginners and mainstream) nor do I want to apply for a credit card or a PayPal account to be able to pay their bills.

So a bill from my UML hoster Korypet (aka VD Server) caught my eye: They were lowering prices for registrations at some top level domains (and in comparison to the recent lowerings at eDNS the new prices also apply to existing contracts) including .at and .org (and I only have .at, .ch and .org domains). I didn’t knew they also do domains outside of selling them in packages with UML hosts. So I wrote to Korypet support, if they offer a web interface for domain handling and got a reply less than two hours later: Not yet, but they’re working on it. Until then, I can request domain handling tasks by e-mail to their support. Since I know their UML managing web interface – which works fine – and since I’m happy with their support, service and prices since years (I’m customer there since 2003), I replied with all the necessary data for the transfer.

Well, the transfer failed, too. But in comparsion to Hetzner or eDNS, they made the effort to exactly find out, what happened. So what did happen? The rule which the Hetzner support guy told me that it was from their upstream registrar wasn’t from there but from Public Internet Registry (PIR) itself. And the rule seems to match not that often, so that many people involved in domain registration don’t know about it (and usually neither understand its existence when they hear about it). Also I have no understanding for this harassment and so I felt the strong urge to get one over on them.

Korypet suggested several solutions fitting my needs (i.e. the usage of my DNS servers for my domains). They even offered A records under some of their PIR registrered domains pointing to the IP addresses of my DNS servers for no fee, but luckily some A records under my own .ch domain sufficed.

So the transfer was successful on Friday evening, 6pm local time, my own mail server (running Postfix) was happily rejecting a lot of spam to (and even from) non-existing users (which came in over the catch-all before) as well as hosts greeting with not fully qualified or invalid HELOs and greylisting others via David Schweikert’s Postgrey. The number of accepted mails and recognized spam sunk immediately by approximately factor four on the whole mail server, although deuxchevaux.org isn’t the only domain that receives mail there (but was the only one which had a catch-all before).

So in the long run, I’ll probably move all .org and .at domains over to Korypet since they have not only fair prices but also a competent and individual support. (And yes, this is a recommendation. ;-)


Goodbye Woody, Welcome Etch //at 10:54 //by abe

from the old-hardware-never-dies-it-just-gets-new-software dept.

It finally happened. I installed Debian Etch on my last Woody box, a 400 MHz Pentium II with 576 MB RAM named gsa which is my home desktop since I bought it at LinuxTag 2003 in Karlsruhe.

And no I didn’t do a dist-upgrade, neither direct no via Sarge. As already planned I removed some no more necessary operating systems from that box and installed Etch on the freed disk space. Woody is still installed on that box in parallel and was recognized perfectly by Etch’s installer.

I took a few hours but also was big fun to go through Etch package list and to decide what to install. Overall the installation of 5 GB of software took about half a day.

In general everything went fine, the only thing I’m yet missing is sound. Etch didn’t seem to recognize my soundcard at all although it’s a well-known brand and defacto standard for many other soundcards: a Creative Labs Soundblaster. Well, the 16-Bit ISA version, needing the full length of the slot. Worked fine under Woody. Well, I hope I’ll get it working again manually.

What on the other hand is really nice with udev hell —eh— hal and all those new automatic bells and whistles: The desktop (well, at least GNOME Nautilus as well as XFCE, but probably also KDE) recognises when I insert a 3.5” floppy into the drive and shows me a nice floppy icon on the desktop. You think, that’s impossible? Floppy drives don’t inform the rest of the system when a floppy has been inserted without you polling the drive every few seconds? Well, USB floppy drives can. And they do. :-)

I still need time to migrate all the old settings from Woody to Etch. I’ll probably stick with FVWM, but perhaps will use the GNOME enabled version. What’s already done is the migration from tcsh to zsh. On all new or dist-upgraded systems after Etch I’ve chosen zsh so with my last Woody installation retiring I’ve also fully migrated to zsh.

So I’ve got now most of my active private boxes running Etch. Only the noone.org web and mail server “sym” (an amd64 box) as well as my 133 MHz ThinkPad “bijou” are still running Sarge, both with 2.6 kernels.

So with switching to Etch on gsa, I also got no more Debian box running a 2.4 kernel. The only 2.4 kernel I run is on my FreeWRT WLAN router named pluriel, which runs But I expect that 2.6.18 will be as stable and long lasting as the famous and rock-solid 2.4.18 from Woody. 18 seems to be Debian’s favourite kernel minor version recently. ;-)


VCFe talk online / bijou vs Etch //at 00:52 //by abe

from the old-hardware-never-dies dept.

With a few days lag, the slides to my VCFe 8.0 talk Aktuelle, freie Software auf alter Hardware (“Up to date, free software on old hardware”, held in German using Kazehakase and S5) are now online. In comparision to my former talks on that subject (held at some DebianDays), this talk was not Debian focused but focused more on not so well known, but resource-friendly free software as well as focused on an audience which has more knowledge of old hardware than of current software. :-)

Additionally, I updated my old blog post about X on my ThinkPad 760ED named bijou so that now also my current XF86Config-4 for Sarge on that box is linked in there.

Apropos bijou: I couldn’t recommend Debian 4.0 Etch that much for old computers with not so much memory since especially aptitude has grown much in regards of it’s memory and performance needs. Regarding my experiences with Etch, any computer with less than 50 MB of RAM will start to swap if aptitude is only started on such a box. I’ve looked throough the aptitude documentation, but I haven’t found a way to switch of some of the tables it generates internally. E.g. I have no need for the tag database it always generates. I really would be happy, if someone knows a way to turn even only that feature off. Then I may dist-upgrade bijou to Etch, since I found that dselect is no real alternative to aptitude anymore.

Oh yeah, and I of course bought new old hardware at the VCFe: A 386SX Thin Client named Flytech Carry-I 9300 from 1991 with about 200 MB of harddisk and 10 MB of RAM.

X on IBM ThinkPad 760ED //at 00:13 //by abe

from the finally dept.

As many of my friends know, I installed Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 aka Woody on my IBM ThinkPad 760ED (Pentium 1, 133 MHz, 48 MB RAM, 1 GB HD) named bijou at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage this spring. Although many helped me trying to configure X, I didn’t get rid of the LCD “forgetting” more or less pixels each row so that the picture got blurred towards the right rim.

During Berlinux, a not so convinced Linux user (he told me he likes the feeling of Windows, but got stick with Debian because his modem just didn’t work with Windows) told me that he had similar problems with a graphics card with similar chips as the ones in my ThinkPad. Since I never was sure, if my problem is a hardware defect, a driver or a configuration problem (but I tended to hardware defect or a not supported chipset, since I read about several Trident 96xx and 98xx chipsets to be unsupported under Linux), his comment was a ray of hope to me. He told me he found the solution on Werner Heuser’s TuxMobil website, whom I showed my X problem also Berlinux but who hadn’t an idea what it could be. He also told me, that XFree86 4.x doesn’t support this graphics chip, but XFree86 3.3.x does.

But somehow I had forgotten that TuxMobil not only has informations about Linux on laptops but also a big bunch of links to pages which deal with specific models. I can’t remember, if I looked there already back in March, but it felt like I didn’t although my own small text about bijou is linked there, too. I looked through the other 760/770 ED/XD pages and on the second or third I found someone who seems to have had the same problem and also with a 760ED. He wrote, someone else has gone down that path already so he linked directly to the XF86Config he found elsewhere. That sounded like an easy earned money so I followed the link — 404. Shit! For luck a few lines down he linked also his own XF86Config, so I grabbed it, uncommented everything unnecessary and put in the essential parts of his XF86Config of which the most important parts probably were the modelines. The one for 1024×768 was commented as the only one working, those for 800×600 and 640×480 were commented out. Then I downgraded X to XFree86 3.3.6.

It didn’t work as expected. The display stayed black which was less than I had accomplished before. Shit! But giving up is not my style. So first I reduced the color depth. No change. Then I started with reducing the resolution. With 800×600 and 16 bit color depth, it finally worked. No hardware defect, no unsupported graphics chip. Just not the right modelines. That was all. YESSS!

I guess the guy whose XF86Config I used didn’t have a 760ED but a similar model with a LCD with higher resolution. because my 760ED definitely has no 1024×768 resolution because 800×600 fills the screen completely.

Still leaves the problem with the svgalib: The system just freezes with a black screen if I start a svgalib application like e.g. zgv. First I found out, that svgalib indeed has a configuration file which (at least under Woody) can be found at /etc/vga/libvga.conf. Copied the modelines from the now working XF86Config, configured the mouse and tried again. Freeze. Hmmm, in the config there is mentioned that if svgalib doesn’t correctly recognise the graphics card’s chipset, you can hardcode it with a configuration directive, e.g. “chipset VGA” for otherwise unsupported chipsets. And that worked, although only with 640×480 yet. So I tried the only setting for Trident cards found in the list of supported chipsets. And what happend? Right, the system froze again. So svgalib probably recognised the card as Trident and used the only available Trident driver which was obviously the wrong one. So here are my XF86Config and my libvga.config working on the IBM ThinkPad 760ED.

But nevertheless — this 0€ laptop has just proven that it can be even more useful than it already was with text mode only. I also already played Frozen Bubble up to level 25 or so on the train back from Berlin. Old hardware rules.

But I now also have another problem (again): Since X works now, I can run Galeon 1.2 on the ThinkPad, but GTK 2 respective GNOME 2 are much slower than in the 1.x versions and also need much more ressources, which the laptop just does not have. And since I — as most of the people who read my blog or Planet Debian should know ;-) — don’t like Galeon 1.3, I probably won’t dist-upgrade my ThinkPad to Sarge that fast although I already thought about it. XFree86 3.x isn’t in Sarge either IIRC but this should be no problem since the Woody packages are said to work under Sarge, too. Well, still yet another reason for forwardports.org… ;-) Or maybe I can get Kazehakase running on Woody so I can drop at least the whole ballast GNOME 2 comes with. We’ll see…

JFTR (Update on 2nd of May 2007): My current XF86Config-4 for Sarge on my ThinkPad 760ED named bijou.


FTP and port 80? //at 14:25 //by abe

from the made-my-day dept.

Hmmm, I never thought that a URL could look some kind of schizophrenic or paradox, but this one truly does: ftp://ftp.port80.se/. (Found in ftp://ftp.*.debian.org/debian/README.non-US.)

The Software Museum inside the Software Museum //at 13:40 //by abe

from the made-my-day dept.

Most Linuxers know that Debian and most of its users prefer stable software over up-to-date software. So do I, but sometimes this goes a little bit too far, e.g. when I find software which has been compiled years before the first line of Linux kernel code has been written:

C:\>ls +version
GNU ls, Version (compiled Sep 19 1990 12:43:10 for MS-DOS)

C:\>ls -alF gnu\
total 521
drwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou     4096 Mar 26 23:16 ./
drwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou     4096 Mar 26 23:17 ../
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    17868 Sep 19  1990 cat.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    20028 Sep 19  1990 cmp.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    26780 Sep 19  1990 cp.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    17948 Sep 19  1990 cut.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    27138 Sep 24  1990 grep.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    16572 Sep 19  1990 head.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    27756 Sep 19  1990 ls.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    23100 Sep 19  1990 mv.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    19820 Sep 23  1990 rm.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    37644 Sep 19  1990 tac.exe*
-rwxrwxrwx   1 anonymou anonymou    20188 Sep 19  1990 tail.exe*


And yes, this looks like DOS. This is FreeDOS (1:0.0.b9r5a-3) inside of dosemu, packaged for Debian 4.0 Etch and installed from the original Debian archives.

BTW, the date looks quite authentic: According to the ChangeLog, Version 1.4 of the GNU Fileutils have been released on the 9th of September 1990. The oldest version of the GNU Fileutils (nowadays coreutils) available on the GNU FTP server is version 3.13 from July 1996, though.

I really wonder how many buffer overflows this version has. And I wonder if there’s really a scenario in which this combination (Debian → dosemu → FreeDOS → GNU fileutils) could be exploited.


Surfing on two screens? //at 22:31 //by abe

from the usability dept.

At work, I’ve got two screens on my Sarge workstation “snitch”. Since I want to switch virtual desktops independently on both screens, I don’t have a Xinerama setup but a Dual Screen setup. So my left and right screen do have different $DISPLAY (“:0.0” and “:0.1”) set.

This is neither a problem for FVWM nor xlock nor XScreenSaver. But it is a problem for nearly every modern web browser available which checks, if there’s already an instance of it running. So if you try to start a new instance of a web browser on the other screen, most graphical web browsers make more or less problems:

  • Galeon 1.3 and Epiphany always opens new tabs or windows on the display where its first instance is running, i.e. ignores $DISPLAY completely except on the first call.
  • Kazehakase (0.3.7) just opens a new tab in the running instance.
  • Firefox 2.0 thinks it crashed and asks if it should restore tabs and windows. Haven’t tried any further.
  • Opera 9.20 pops up a dialog, says, there seems already a copy of Opera running and asks if it should continue with startup. If you say yes, only the bookmarks of one of the two instances get saved, probably those of the one with the last added bookmark or the one which exited last.

The only graphical web browsers which simply just work on a Dual Screen setup are Konqueror, Links2 (called with the -g option for a GUI), Chimera 2, Amaya and of course Dillo. Unfortunately I’m neither a fan of KDE nor of Konqueror and I do want a web browser with CSS and tab support… And Amaya is, well, only a reference implementation… (Chimera 2 from Sarge btw. segfaulted on two of the four pages I tested it with. Seems to have problems with PNG images.)

So my current setup is to have Kazehakase as my main work web browser (with all the local web applications I need) on the right screen while I have Opera on the left screen for surfing, looking up documentation, testing web pages and other things.

BTW: I don’t use Gecko based browsers for surfing on that box at the moment, since there are some web pages (the spammer vandalised Kazehakase wiki for example, at least a few months ago) which manage to be rendered in such an ugly way by Gecko so that XFree86 with the binary Nvidia (at least the last five or six versions I tried) just crashes away — either at once or when you try to switch to a text console by pressing e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F1 while such a page is displayed.

Das Web 2.0 Stöckchen //at 01:57 //by abe

Aus der Webzweinull Abteilung

Kaum bloggt man mal wieder, kommt einem auch gleich wieder ein Stöckchen entgegen geflogen, dazu auch noch zu einem solch brisanten Thema wie Web 2.0.

Also fangen wir an: Ich nutze Apache 2.0, Blosxom 2.0, Emberl 2.0, WML 2.0, CSS 2.0, Firefox 2.0, HTML 2.0, Debian 2.0, äh, moment, nee, so altbacken bin ich nun auch wieder nicht. Ach, das war gar nicht die Frage? Achso. Na dann wollen wir mal die eigentlichen Fragen beantworten…

Nutzt Du Social Bookmarking/Networking Seiten wie Digg, Yigg, Mister Wong oder Del.Icio.Us? Wenn ja, welche?
Kaum. Einen Yigg-Account habe ich, wenn auch schon lange nicht mehr benutzt, Digg ist mir aufgrund ihres Abmahnwahns unsympathisch, Mister Wong sagt mir sowas von gar nix und Del.Icio.Us finde ich durchaus interessant, denke aber nicht, daß es mir wirklich etwas bringt, da ich meine Bookmarks — sofern Zeit ist *hüstel* — selbst von Hand zu Fuß als HTML tippe und damit genauso browserunabhängig bin. Flock nutze ich dementsprechend auch nicht.
Nebenbei: Digg und Yigg sind für mich keine Bookmarking-Seiten sondern Newsportale. Und unter einer Social Networking-Seite verstehe ich Orkut (Ja, habe ich einen Account, aber vernachlässigt), OpenBC (das neuerdings heißt wie ein Filmchenabspieler für Windows, nein habe ich keinen Account und will auch keinen. Ich mache kein “Business”.) oder LinkedIn (wirkt auf mich noch viel mehr auf Business abgestimmt als OpenBC). Und gute Jobs habe ich bisher auch immer ohne solche Seiten bekommen. Das einzig nette daran, ist festzustellen, wie klein die Welt doch ist.
Schaust Du Dir Videos bei Videoportalen wie YouTube, Sevenload oder DailyMotion an? Wenn ja, was für Videos guckst Du Dir meistens an?
Manchmal. Meist dann, wenn sie sowieso grade im Büro umgehen und alle Kollegen gemeinsam vor einem Monitor rumlachen. Sprich, meist sind’s irgendwelche witzigen Sachen. Manchmal auch Filmtrailer. Wobei ich eigentlich außer Google Videos und YouTube kein anderes solches Portal wirklich kenne. Zumindest sagen mir die anderen genannten sowas von gar nix.
Kennst bzw. nutzt Du Flickr?
Kennen kommt man wohl kaum drumherum. Nutzen? Ja, manchmal, zum Bilder anschauen, die mir irgendjemand zeigen will oder über die ich sonstwo gestolpert bin. Account habe ich jedenfalls keinen. Ich war mit allen Webgalerie-Lösungen bisher unzufrieden und hab mir meine eigene geschnitzt. Web 2.0 brauche ich an der Stelle bisher nicht. Aber wer weiß, vielleicht bekommt das Ding auch mal RSS-Feed-Support.
Was hälst Du von Diensten wie Twitter oder Frazr?
Ich kenne sie nicht einmal. *draufklick* Nix.
Wie viele RSS-Feeds hast Du abonniert?
Ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass neuere Versionen von Lilina nur bis ca. 50 Feeds skalieren. Ich hab ein paar mehr, vermutlich so ca. 60-70 Blogs und ähnliches. Dazu noch unzählige Newsfeeds (wohl so um die 40-50, Tendenz steigend, vor allem Symlink wegen), die ich aber von den Blogfeeds getrennt halte und auch nicht mit einem Feedreader sondern so einer Art Cheesy Portal lese. Wobei es so aussieht, als ob sich bei Lilina wieder was tut, jedenfalls hat die Seite ein neues Design und eine neue URL. Müßte ich mir mal wieder mal ansehen.
Liest Du die alle täglich?
Nicht mal mehr monatlich oder sonstwie regelmäßig. Seit das letzte Upgrade meines Lilinas eine katastrophale Performance an den Tag legte eigentlich gar nicht mehr. Und zum Flicken hatte ich bisher keine Lust. Genausowenig wie ich bisher Muße dazu hatte, mein “Cheesy Portal” wieder in Sachen Feeds auf den aktuellen Stand zu bringen. Deswegen auch keine Links. Liegt wohl daran, daß mir die Arbeit seit dem Stellenwechsel vor einem Jahr wieder richtig Spaß macht und deswegen keine Zeit mehr für solche weniger wichtigen Dinge ist. ;-)
In wie vielen Weblogs bloggst Du? (Eigene oder Mitautor)
Da ich Symlink nach wie vor nicht als Blog ansehe (und auch nicht unbedingt den ISG Newsticker oder den LUG-Camp 2007 Newsticker) nur in zweien: In diesem meinem eigenen Blog wenn mir gerade danach ist (also nicht mit dem Zwang täglich was zu posten, wie manch andere Leute) als auch in der inoffiziellen Blosxom User Group, dort im Normalfall dann, wenn’s was neues (aber nicht notwendigerweise wichtiges) in der Blosxom Community gibt.
Kommentierst Du in anderen Blogs? Wenn ja was?
Hin und wieder mal. Meist bei Freunden, manchmal auch bei Leuten, die ich nicht kenne. Was es dann ist, ist recht unterschiedlichen. Von hilfreichen Informationen bis hin zu blöden Kommentaren ist sicher schon alles dabei gewesen. ;-)
Wer ist Dein persönlicher Blog-König von Deutschland der Schweiz?
Was ist ein “persönlicher Blog-König”? Jemand, der Blogs schreibt so wie das Klischee sie erwartet, eben täglich, mit viel persönlichem oder unwichtigem Zeugs? Hmm, in der Schweiz die RUBIs sind recht fleissig und viel persönliches ist da auch dabei, dazu ist’s noch witzig, weil praktisch die ganze Familie bloggt. Und informativ ist es ab und an außerdem noch. In Deutschland kenne ich zu wenige Blogs, aber da fand ich immer das Daily Ivy Blog ganz gut, auch wenn es als Blog keinerlei wirklichen Ersatz für Ivys Bar sein kann. *seufz*
Gehört Weblogs Deiner Meinung nach die Zukunft oder sind sie nur ein vorübergehender Hype?
Weder noch. Sie sind eine Nuance eines Mediums mehr, die das letzte Jahrzehnt hervorgebracht hat. Mit eigenem Charakter und nicht eigentlich kaum mehr wegzudenken, aber sicher auch nicht die Krone der Web-2.0-Schöpfung.
Wird es Dein Blog / Deine Blogs dann auch noch geben?
Es ist glaube ich gemeinhin bekannt, daß ich selten was wegschmeiße oder gar Webseiten lösche, nur weil ich sie grade nicht brauche, nutze oder pflege.

Und bevor’s zu Ende ist, füge ich hier grade noch zwei Fragen ein, weil ich doch das eine oder andere zum Thema Web 2.0 in diesem Stöckchen vermisse.

Welchen Feedreader nutzt Du?
Webbasiert: den bereits erwähnten Lilina für Blogs und einen auf einer PHP-Feedreader-Bibliothek basierender Eigenbau, der nach dem Vorbild von Slashdots Cheesy Portal gebaut ist — nur mehrspaltig, für News. Sonst Opera, allerdings nur mit wenigen Feeds. Ich habe zwar auch schon raggle und snownews ausprobiert und so schlecht sind die beiden sicher auch nicht (snownews ist einen Tick intuitiver zu bedienen), aber wirklich begonnen sie zu nutzen habe ich nicht. Gregarius fürs Web und Newsbeuter für die Textkonsole wollte ich mal noch ausprobieren.
Was gehört für Dich sonst noch zum Web 2.0?
Google Maps, maps.search.ch und Konsorten inklusive API. Könnte man auch unter dem Überbegriff AJAX laufen lassen. Dann natürlich Wikis. Und nicht zu vergessen Microformats wie z.B. XFN. Wundert mich eigentlich, das das vorher kaum vorkam in dem Stöckchen.
Wo gehts weiter mit dem Web 2.0 Stöckchen?
Also sicher mal bei Venty sei’s in seinem leider schon wieder aufgegebenen Gopher-Blog oder in seinem PodCast, dem ich nicht wirklich folge, weil ich keine PodCasts höre.
Dann vielleicht noch bei Dieter Schlabonski, weil der es sicher schafft, auch daraus einen stilechten Rant zu machen.
Und Myon bastelt ja bei Debian gerne mit Web-2.0-Methoden rum, dem werfen wir das grade auch mal zu.
Sonst fallen mir nur noch Leute ein, die kein Blog haben und daher auch kaum Stöckchen fangen können oder das Stöckchen schon bekommen haben. :-)

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Vermisst //at 19:51 //by abe

Nun bin ich fast ein Jahr in Zürich und so langsam fällt mir auf, welche Dinge ich aus Deutschland vermisse (oder es sie hier zumindest nicht zu geben scheint) und sie ggf. importieren lassen muss:

  • Afri-Cola (Update: Gibt’s z.B. bei Turbinenbräu in Zürich oder bei HAKO in Winterthur. Prost! ;-)
  • Bad Heilbrunner Mate-Tee (Update: Nicht die “Figur-Fit Kräuterteemischung”, die ich heute im Coop in der Gesundheitsabteilung als teure 8-Beutel-Packung entdeckt habe, sondern den Guarana-Mate- und den Orangen-Mate-Tee in größeren Packungen mit 15 Beutel.)
  • Maultaschen
  • Stabile Getränkeflaschen oder kurz: Pfandflaschen
  • Ajona
  • Edelstahlbremsleitungen für meine alten Kisten
  • Das Dreierles-S — Ok, das vermisse ich auch in Deutschland seit einigen Jahren, aber dort ist es nur seltener geworden anstatt eliminiert worden.
  • Zuverlässiges Internet zuhause.

Deutschland als solches vermisse ich dagegen weniger. Nach ein paar Monaten wußte ich schon nicht mehr, wann ich das letzte Mal in Deutschland war.

Aber es gibt auch Dinge, die ich vermissen werde, falls es mich mal wieder zurück nach Deutschland verschlagen sollte:

  • Rivella
  • Einen ordentlichen und gut durchorganisierten Ö(PN)V
  • Rösti in allen Variationen
  • 30 Tage Zahlungsziel als Normalfall
  • Den Pragmatismus der Ämter
  • Die Freundlichkeit der Leute, denen man auf der Strasse begegnet.
  • Die kurzen Entfernungen
  • Daß man Leute unterschiedlichster Herkunft, Nationalität und Kultur allerorten (Update: ok, zumindest in Zürich ;-) trifft.

Aber trotzdem, auch, um die immer wieder aufkommende Frage zu beantworten: Natürlich gefällt’s mir hier immer noch. ;-)

Update am 21.4. gegen 19:30 Uhr nach vielen hilfreichen Kommentaren und Afri-Cola-Kauf bei Turbinenbräu. Außerdem hat Tobias das ganze nochmals in umgekehrt in seinem Blog gepostet: aus der Sicht eines Schweizers in Berlin. Und mein Trackback ist wohl immer noch kaputt. :-/


New virtual home //at 03:10 //by abe

from the Moving dept.

There were quite a lot of small changes in my personal e-mail, web server and DNS infrastructure during the last months. While for more than ten years all my mails came together on a Linux account at the Students Representatives of Computer Science (German: Fachschaftsrat Informatik, short: FS Info) at the University of Saarland and all but one domain was hosted at my former employer, now nearly everything (including this blog) has moved to a Hetzner root server run by me and some friends and running Debian Sarge for AMD64. Most of these moves happend divided in small steps during January and February this year.

Only one move happend a little earlier than expected: Without any notice all external mail to my FS Info account got lost in a black hole one hop in front of the FS Info mail server. It looks like the RBG of the Dept. of CS at the University of Saarland didn’t like my face —eh— mails anymore and just dropped them. No bounces, no notices. Not that I knew them as friendly and kind, but blackholing active e-mail accounts without notice leads to dismissal at other places. They should really go and hear alphascorpii’s BOFH talk.

So my long-time e-mail address abe@fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de is no more valid and any mail there won’t get read or answered. But I don’t mind if you send any junk there, it’s not my job anymore.

For luck the hoster of my deuxchevaux.org domain, Internett, which I used for all non-university e-mail, changed the forward within a good hour, so I only lost incoming mails of about one and a half day (which was the time until I noticed the blackholing), namely most mails written to all of my addresses at 30th and 31st of January 2007. If you wrote me around that time and miss the answers, you now know why. The few people I expected mail from, already have been contacted.

So for the future, write emails only to abe@ either deuxchevaux.org or — if you can’t remember how to spell that (no, you’re not the only one ;-) — noone.org (“no one” as in “nobody”, not “no. one” as in “the best” ;-)

And so since then none of my coworkers can make fun of me because I don’t have root on the box where my mail is received. ;-)

One of the moves also gave me the possibility to get “my own” Jabber server, so the time with those two jabber addresses (abe@jabber.noxa.de and abe@amessage.de), where usually at least one had some problems with some gateways are also over. If you want to contact me using Jabber, use abe@noone.org, equal to my easier to remember e-mail address. ;-)

So there’s still left to move: web, mail and DNS of deuxchevaux.org and beckert.at (domain of my parents) and my old web pages on fsinfo.cs.uni-sb.de as well as Planet Symlink. And of course the redesign of my web pages, which I’ve planned since more than a half decade… ;-)

The infrastructure in my real-life home also changed: My gateway to the world is now a 266 MHz MIPS based ASUS WL500g Premium (which I named “pluriel” after the multifunctional Citroën C3 Pluriel) running FreeWRT 1.0.1 which replaced tryane, an as noisy (power supply fan) as compact Unisys Aquanta CP mini-desktop with a passively cooled 200 MHz Pentium MMX.

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