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Vintage Computer Festival Europe 7.0 ahead //at 09:50 //by abe

from the good-platforms-never-die dept.

It’s only seven weeks to the most important vintage computing event in Europe, the Vintage Computer Festival Europe (VCFe) in Munich, which for the first time will be three days this year because of May the 1st being a Monday this year and an official holiday in Germany and some of the swiss cantons (at least Zürich). So the VCFe 7.0 will take place from April the 29th to May the 1st 2006 in Munich and it’s focus this year is:

Home Made Brains
Kit-Computers and Individual Designs

I’m currently thinking about which old hardware I’ll present at this year’s VCFe. There are a few ideas flowing around in my head:

  • Old x86 laptops (1989-1996). This was my exhibition last year, but ayca, my i486 Toshiba laptop is broke (probably the display controller) and the “new” Compaq LTE pony hasn’t been setup yet. Nevertheless, I’ll bring my (nearly) everyday ThinkPad bijou with me since it’s now 10 years old and therefore ontopic now. Yeah!
  • The HP 9000 Apollo Series 400 I got from dwalin and dyfa, if I manage to get a NetBSD installed on that box.
  • Buying a tux case but installing some old hardware in it instead of the current FOX board. On the other hand: There should be at least a Linux running on that box.

Anyway, I’ll be there, many other Symlinker (at least dino and Venty) also will be there. And I hope to see you there, too. :-)

Oh, and btw: One wish to the Debian community regarding the VCFe: Perhaps someone who’s familiar with the Debian m68k Port could give a talk about how Debian plans to save this port although the old hardware isn’t fast enough to fit the requirements for inclusion in a Debian release. This would give a really interesting talk about old and new hardware. Talks can be held at least in German or Englisch IIRC. TIA. :-)

Update 16:26h: I thought of this mail by Wouter Verhelst about how modern ColdFire computers could run buildds for a hybrid m68k and ColdFire port when writing this paragraph. See also this Symlink story [German] about that topic.

Back from Chemnitz //at 09:50 //by abe

from the Sleep?-What's-that? dept.

I’m back from Chemnitzer Linux-Tage (CLT) which were really great. The CLT organizers really know how to make an event for the community without forgetting the business people.

So, although Murphy hunted me with forgotten laptop power supplies, forgotten laptop power supply power cords (Thanks for the spare, Venty!), missed trains, late trains, unfitting train schedules, defective mobile phones (Hi Sven! :-), heavy snowing, addictive Play Station Portables and no time for attending a single talk except mine (I’m sorry, blindcoder), I held all three talks as planned — maybe except the duration — and had a lot of fun as expected.

The slides for my commandline beginner’s talk on Sunday were finished the same day at about 2am and are online since then. It was too long, but except the next presenter (Hi Werner!), nobody told me. I even thought that all those people entering the room were late listeners. I just didn’t notice at all that time was flying by so fast, since there was a lot of interesting discussion with and in the audience, something I didn’t expect from a beginners talk.

Thanks to all who already gave feedback to my talks. And thanks to Jens Kühnel and Henrik Heigl with whom I could drive back to Frankfurt.

Fahrsicherheitstraining, ABS und altersschwache Schläuche //at 09:49 //by abe

Aus der Ich-weiß-warum-ich-immer-vier-Liter-LHM-als-Reserve-im-CX-habe Abteilung

Gestern war ich dank Priskas Organisations- und Überzeugungstalent zusammen mit anderen LUGSern beim Fahrsicherheitstraining im Veltheim Driving Center im Aargau in der Schweiz.

Da die Ente momentan eh wegen verschlissener Motorlager darauf wartet, den Motor überholt oder ausgetauscht zu bekommen, und ich sowieso lange Strecken lieber mit meinem CX fahre, wenn ich mal wieder nicht ganz so viel Zeit habe, wie ich gerne hätte (bin am Abend —äh— Morgen vor der Fahrt in die Schweiz um 2 Uhr aus dm Büro), war ich mit dem CX dort.

Neben der Theorie, in der sich ein paar der Dinge, die ich vor 15 Jahren in der Fahrschule gelernt (aber — zum Glück — teilweise eh nie akzeptiert hatte) als falsch herausstellten und die meine Fahrphysikkenntnisse um einige feine, aber wichtige Details erweiterte, gab’s auch viele, sehr aufschlußreiche Erfahrungen mit dem eigenen Auto.

Read more…

LUGS-Mitglied //at 09:49 //by abe

Aus der Vereinsmeierei Abteilung

Sodele, meinen Mitgliedsbeitrag habe ich am 1. Januar gezahlt, beantragt habe ich’s am 2. Januar (bei Venty von meinem ThinkPad bijou aus mit Lynx), offiziell bin ich’s seit 9. Januar, wissen tue ich’s seit gestern und seit grade eben kann man das auch auf den Webseiten der LUGS nachlesen: Ich bin jetzt nicht nur Mitglied der LUGV und der DaLUG sondern auch Mitglied der LUGS. :-)

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