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Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter -äh- B*elefeldverschwörung //at 19:52 //by abe

Aus der Möge-der-Feed-mit-Dir-sein Abteilung

Aufgrund diverser, beunruhigender Ereignisse brauchte ich heute einen Link zur B*elefeldverschwörung.

Da ich wußte, daß eine ungenannt bleiben wollende, aber mir persönlich bekannte Person einen Mirror des ursprünglich auf einem Server der Uni-Kiel gehosteten Ursprungsdokuments im Netz hatte, wollte ich dieses verlinken. Dummerweise fiel mir die korrekte URL nicht mehr ein, schließlich dürfen SIE ja nichts davon erfahren. Aber ich wußte, daß nachdem vermutlich SIE das Ursprungsdokument aus dem Netz entfernten, dieser Mirror u.a. bei Wikipedia verlinkt ist.

Also bei Wikipedia vorbeigesurft und in den Weblinks gesucht. Der Link war nicht mehr drin. Sowas. Waren da etwa wieder SIE am Werk? Doch was sehe ich stattdessen dort: Einen Link zur “Originalseite von Achim Held”? Achim lebt? Juchhu! Und ich dachte immer, SIE hätten ihn erwischt und aus dem Verkehr gezogen… Das muß gefeiert werden!


Blosxom Plugin Tagging Version 0.02: New Features //at 19:17 //by abe

from the featuritis dept.

Just hacked a few new features for my Blosxom plugin Tagging. It now shows you how many times you’ve used that tag. The number is always shown as title attribute to the link, but can optionally also be shown in parentheses behind the tag name or by the (CSS based) font size and/or color (start and end sizes/colors configurable). Also some default values changed (to my current configuration :-).

I saw that font size feature quite often during the last weeks and I liked it. I first tried to figure out, which system offers that feature and found that at least Serendipity’s freetag plugin offers it, but didn’t want to download Serendipity just for the plugin. So I decided, the algorithm for calculating the font sizes shouldn’t be that hard to find and coded it from scratch by my own. :-)

And while coding it I noticed that changing the color instead of the font size could be done the same way and that this feature isn’t much more difficult. So I implemented it, too.

Another new feature is that you now can configure the minimum number of postings a tag should have to show up in the list of tags.

The result can be seen in my blog on the right side under “Tag cloud”.

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Some new old non-x86 hardware //at 16:39 //by abe

from the HPsUX dept.

Because dyfa and dwalin are moving they had some old hardware (but not only hardware) to give away.

I got from them an old HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 Model 400t from 1990 (with an MC68040 processor like some Amigas had, 24 MB RAM and some 1992 HP-UX as operating system), which I decided to call »tub« (“Le TUB” was the prototype of the Citroën HY), a Sun Sparcstation IPC (which I decided to call »acadiane«) and two terminals, one true DEC VT320 and one VT100 compatible.

The IPC unfortunately seems to have a defect power supply, so I probably have to look around at eBay a little bit. The Apollo boots fine and probably also had the correct date in the hardware clock, but the software didn’t accept it. So it asked for the current date. Went fine. Until it asked me for the current year:

WARNING: bad date in real-time clock--check and reset the date

You will be prompted for the daten and time.  Please enter all values
numerically, for example January is 1.  The values in the paraenthesis
give the acceptable range of responses.

Please enter the month (1-12), then press [Return] 9

Please enter the day of the month (1-31), then press [Return] 28

Please enter the last two digits of the year (70-99), then press [Return] 05
Value out of range. Please try again.

Please enter the last two digits of the year (70-99), then press [Return] 

Using cal, I found out that 1977 has exactly the same calendar as 2005 and is in the same distance to the leap years. So I set the year to 77.

Yet another case of programmers not believing how long their software will run. And this box was only ten years old when Y2K came — some parts of the operating system on it even only eight years… Well, I hope, that’s history when NetBSD runs on that box.

Haven’t tested the the terminals yet, although I don’t expect any Y2K issues with them. ;-)

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