My ASUS EeeBox running Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and having a big horned Debian swirl on its case :-)

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Debian GNU/kFreeBSD — apt-get install freebsd?

On this page you'll find information and slides about my Debian GNU/kFreeBSD talks.


Here's a new kid on the block which probably becomes officially part of the upcoming Debian release 6.0 aka Squeeze: Debian GNU/kFreeBSD — Debian as you know it, but with a FreeBSD kernel below.

This talk will show you what Debian GNU/kFreeBSD exactly is, what the differences between Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and the well known Debian GNU/Linux are, what difficulties the developers had and what design decisions where made to get so far that Debian GNU/kFreeBSD finally has been accepted as Debian release architecture and what you can do with it but not with Debian GNU/Linux or with plain FreeBSD. It's also gives a little overview over similar projects. (There are more than you may expect. :-)

Dates and Slides

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