RFC2606 ignorant's favourites


RFC2606 states: Confusion and conflict can be caused by the use of a current or future top level domain name in experimentation or testing, as an example in documentation, to indicate invalid names, or as a synonym for the loop back address. Test and experimental software can escape and end up being run against the global operational DNS. Even examples used "only" in documentation can end up being coded and released or cause conflicts due to later real use and the possible acquisition of intellectual property rights in such "example" names.

Favourite usernames hit list of RFC2606 ignorants at noone.org

This is currently always the statistic for the last four weeks. No username in this list is valid. (Last update: Sunday, 05-Dec-2021 03:23:02 CET)

    497 adm
    126 noone
     96 jr325
     92 justme
     77 none
     54 no...
     16 yourfriend
     15 feedback
     14 dfa
     13 someone
     10 johndoe
      9 anyone
      8 janedoe
      8 email
      7 pochkhanawala
      7 nobody
      6 axel
      5 test
      4 no-alerts
      4 no
      4 nnoone
      4 niranjan
      4 jojpojpojpoj
      4 bruhbruhbrooks
      3 nome
      3 haventgotone
      3 goaway
      2 Yourfriend
      2 pno
      2 Neidig
      2 k
      2 johnnnn
      2 danielle
      2 csomborpahng
      2 blosxom
      2 axel.beckert
      2 anywhere


Only use domain names specified in RFC2606 as default values or examples for URLs, e-mail addresses or any other value including hostnames. Do not use domains like noone.org, somewhere.com, donotreply.com, etc. The postmasters and webmasters of those domains will be thankful. (Greetings to Kee Hinckley and Chet Faliszek! ;-)

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