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I finally ordered //at 05:13 //by abe

from the who-needs-fitness-centers dept.

After a three and a half week test drive during my last year’s summer holidays and much consideration about the configuration, I finally ordered a Brompton folding bike at Velofix.

Since the apple green was much nicer in the catalogue than in real life, I decided that I need a bike in colours that clearly mark it as my bike: Orange frame and black front and rear swinging fork. ;-)

It will have 6 gears (a 3-gear internal hub and a 2-gear dérailleur, both at the rear axle), a lowered transmission ratio for hilly Zurich and sprints in the city, a SON axle dynamo, Kevlar reinforced, reflecting tyres, and a bicycle luggage rack which also serves as kick stand when (partially) folded.

Options I thought about but then dismissed for miscellaneous reasons: Schlumpf MountainDrive (can’t say if will be really worthwile) and Rohloff Speedhub (not available although I already saw a Brompton with a red Speedhub — funnily just in front of the place I live, and probably also more expensive than I remembered).


Question about lowered trasmission ratio

Posted by: Scotty
Time: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 20:10

I just read your post about your brompton on planet debian. I noticed you said you used a "lowered transmission ratio" for you bike. I've been toying with the idea of doing the opposite (geared for speed) but I'm having trouble figuring out the right keywords to find a supplier. Any ideas?


Speedy Gears

Posted by: MadCabbage
Time: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:31


Brompton do offer a +8 higher gear on the 6 & 3 speed models (see

Kinetics (a shop in Glasgow) also offer Bromptons with an 8-speed option (with twist change! - big envy) - see for pics and tech details. - cost is £200 on a new brompton - still waiting for upgrade costs.

Good luck!


Re: I finally ordered

Posted by: Jack @ Tech Teapot
Time: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 14:27

Did you take a look at the Riese & Muller folding bikes? I'd be interested why you went for a Brompton instead. I'm looking for a small folder and am curious why the Brompton was better.


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