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A good day //at 17:43 //by abe

from the summing-up-smileys dept.

Today was a good day — at least if I average all the things happened today. And since is currently down and there’s no way all those things fit in 140 characters, I decided to pack them in a “short” blog post:

  • This afternoon one backplane of our newest backup server caught fire. :-( No collateral damages though. :-) The machine is currently at the manufacturer and should be back on Monday.
  • My EeePC (more about it in an upcoming blog post) recently overheated and switched off. It looked as if it since then didn’t turn off correctly anymore, but power and the fan stayed on although the operating system was shut down. Today I found out with help of the debian-eeepc-devel mailing list that my EeePC wasn’t damaged but the snd_hda_intel driver caused the machine to not shut down correctly. One rmmod line into /etc/default/halt and it shuts down perfectly and fast again. :-) See also the hint in the Debian Wiki.
  • Even more: I’m sure that it not even has been turned by being hit by something through its neopren bag inside my backpack as I initially expected. It turned out that I must have not noticed that it wasn’t properly shut down and put it in the neopren case in that condition :-( since the power button simply doesn’t work when the lid is close. The good news: It doesn’t seem to have carried away any damage. :-)
  • I had the same problem as Beat had: I couldn’t import certificates into my Nokia E51 mobile phone. I already tried to import the PEM and the DER versions of the CAcert root certificates but it just didn’t work. After Beat found out (Kudos to maol who pointed me to Beat’s blog posting), which certificate format is necessary, I found out that while the CAcert PEM certificates have the correct Content-Type header (application/x-x509-ca-cert) the DER certificates have not — they are served as text/plain. Downloading them to my server, adding the right content type to the config and downloading them from there again with the mobile phone worked fine and I now don’t need to acknowledge anymore the certificate of my IMAP server each time I want to read my e-mails on the mobile phone. :-)
  • One more EeePC thing. During a discussion on the debian-eeepc-devel mailing list, I noted that the maximum summed up resolution of the internal and external display seems to be 800×800, but it turned out that you can configure that in your xorg.conf. :-) The screen section of my xorg.conf now looks like this:
    Section "Screen"
            Identifier      "Default Screen"
            Monitor         "Configured Monitor"
            SubSection "Display"
                    Virtual         2048 2048
    See also the xorg.conf in the Debian Wiki.

So if I sum up the smileys in this blog posting, I get 5 happy ones and only 2 sad ones. I think being happy outrun being unhappy today. ;-)

Now I want to dive into my bath tub to get this smell of burning servers off me and my cloths. ;-)

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